A hotel as an investment

The project is unique not only in its modern architecture, but also in the manner in which it will be operated. Interested parties can purchase fully-equipped one-bedroom suites of approx. 56 m2 for private ownership. Each one-bedroom suite also includes separate ski/bicycle storage, as well as covered parking in the basement of the building, floor coverings, furnishings, and a kitchen with appliances and TV receivers. On the top floor, you will find an over 450 m2 panoramic wellness and spa centre for relaxation, and the ground floor offers space for shops and a cafe with a sandwich shop.


Pecr Apartments operations:

Prices and reservations »

The building is divided by declaration 

of the owner in the following manner:

  • 38 apartments
  • non-residential areas belonging to the individual apartments (includes entrance hall with reception and bar, outdoor terrace on the ground floor of the building, lounge, and part of the rooftop terrace on the top floor of the building)
  • caretaker's apartment
  • parking spaces in the basement and ski/bicycle storage
  • two non-residential areas, wellness centre with part of the rooftop terrace with an outdoor cooling pool and whirlpool


Interested parties will conclude the purchase contract for suite purchase, and become their owner, including owner of a share of the common areas of the building. The purchase contract can be made with natural persons, business natural persons, or with companies. The VAT can be deducted from the prices listed above for VAT payers. Non-residential areas will be operated by the leasers of K2 invest, s.r.o., by the company itself, or can be put up for sale under  the condition of the provision of services for owners and visitors of the PECR Apartments Hotel.


Following the sale of the apartments, an owners association (OA) will be established, as is required by law, as will building regulations and statutes. Additionally, a system of accounting for energy expenses, and repair fund, etc. will be approved. At the same time, the OA will bill the actual energy consumption and services related solely to building operations through a service company. Predicted energy expenses for year-round usage are approx. CZK 30,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. During occasional usage, the expenses will be in the single-thousands range.


Additionally, the PECR Apartments Hotel s.r.o. service company has been established. The main duties of this service are to provide services for suite owners, their guests, and other PECR visitors. This company was conceived as a non-profit, and will employ a building caretaker, with the possibility of employing a receptionist/merchant. Other services will be contracted externally, in the interest of keeping expenses at a minimum.


Range of services provided:

  • building management, unified marketing, webpage management
  • cleaning of common areas, housekeeping, guest check-in/check-out in rented suites (based on owner request)
  • suite housekeeping, bed linen services (based on owner request)


Suite owners will have the option of purchasing a share in the company in the amount of 2% per suite for CZK 20,000. Share ownership will ensure their control over the operations and business dealings of this service organisation. The range of usage of the services offered is purely at the discretion of the suite owners. The service organisation will be intended primarily for owners purchasing a suite for reasons of investment and the expected revenue generated from rental. We expect these to be around 7% beginning in the second year of operation. The proposal allows for the transfer of responsibility for capacity and management of the suites to this service company. This company will be equipped with hotel software with remote access, which will allow for effective and flexible reaction to accommodation capacity requests. Additionally, all flats are equipped with a key-card entry system linked to the Internet, in order to avoid any complications with the owners' payment system during final billing.


Suite building description:

Windows and doors

  • wooden EURO windows and balcony doors with TRIPLE-PANE insulation
  • DPO fireproof entry doors, no security class
  • interior doors smooth, with hardware; solid or glass, CPL laminate, doorframes
  • doors and framing are in the standard line of Sapeli, CPL laminate, walnut decor
  • doors to the WC, bathroom, and storeroom are solid (per Sapeli model M10), to the living room and bedrooms, glass with sapelux glass (per Sapeli model M40)
  • door clearance height is 210 cm



  • laminate kitchen cabinets, including ceramic hob, exhaust hood (re-circulating), stainless-steel sink, and lever faucets, including installation
  • bathtub, ceramic sink, lever faucets
  • Jika concealed cistern module, Jika dual flush WC button, complete washbasin trap with clic-clac system, complete SILFRA automatic bathtub trap, WC lighting, lighting sensor
  • wall-hung WC


Electrical installations and heating

  • high-voltage wiring - 230V/20A wiring under plaster, Cu, outlets and switches - white Kitchen includes 400 V wiring for ceramic hob
  • low-voltage wiring - television wiring for common antenna and satellite, telephone lines, Internet wiring, outlets and switches are ABB, Tango, white
  • central heating, consumption metres for individual units (hot/cold water, heat), Korado radiators, centralised programmable electronic thermostat in the living room, thermostat knobs
  • Korado brand radiator, model VK


Examples for suite use:

I am purchasing a suite solely for myself and my family:

  • in this case, you will not be using any of the services of the service company

I am purchasing a suite for myself, and expect that it will occasionally be used by friends or business partners as well:

  • you will most likely use the housekeeping and bed linen services. These services will be billed to you at regular intervals based on the price list and actual services provided

I am purchasing a suite for myself, but I would also like to earn money by offering it for rental:

  • you will specify the days when the suite will be reserved for your own use; the remaining capacity will be filled either by you (company employees, friends, etc.), or will be offered by the PECR service company as a hotel vacancy. Therefore, you will utilise these marketing services, as well as bed linen services, housekeeping, guest check-in/check-out, etc.

The suite is an investment for me, I would like to offer it for rental:

  • the entire capacity will be offered for rental; you can monitor how the suite is being used, the services listed in the previous point will be provided, and you will receive revenue for the rentals with billing


You will be able to monitor all of the services provided, including suite capacity. Algorithms for redistribution of funds from rentals are defined as share accommodation capacity of each individual day of the year and a collection of funds for renting these suites with a deduction for services rendered. Suites that are offered centrally must correspond to the standard defined in the project plans (standard furnishings for furniture, electronics, and appliances). We are convinced that the proposed concept will be beneficial not just for suite owners, but for their guests as well, just as it is in many international projects that operate on an identical and time-tested condominium concept.



Ing. Milan Kušta, Company Executive, K2 invest s.r.o.


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