Summer activities-recommended tours


Sněžka Peak (1602 m.) has attracted pilgrims for over five hundred years. Its name is derived from the adjective snowy or snow-covered.

With its shape, Sněžka is reminiscent of a triangular pyramid, where the sharp northern slope falls on the Polish side, the western ridge on the top plain of Úpske peat bog and the southern slope by Krkonoše Mine. The Czech-Polish state border passes through its peak and you can find a unique alpine landscape there unlike anywhere in Central Europe.

Sněžka peak can be reached by many routes from different directions.

  1. Cable railway
  2. Krkonoše Mine from Pec pod Sněžkou
  3. Through Růžohorky from Pec pod Sněžkou
  4. Through Růžohorky from Šramlu from Velká Úpa
  5. Cable car to Portášky from Velká Úpa via Růžohorky
  6. Via Richtrovv boudy, Výrovka and Luční bouda (route via Modrý důl)
  7. Cable car to Hnědý vrch, through Liščí hora, Bufet Na Rozcestí, Výrovka and Luční bouda
  8. Through Severka, Bufet Na Rozcestí, Výrovka and Luční bouda
  9. From Horní Malá Úpa through Jelenka Chalet

However, be well prepared during all ascents for changes in the weather and temperature. You will be 800 meters higher at the top than down in the valley.



A plethora of hiking trails in the surroundings will take you to a beautiful mountain landscape with many beautiful views of the long valleys and the massive ridges of the highest Czech mountains. To explore Pec pod Sněžkou itself and its surroundings, it is good to use the many marked walking routes .


Pec pod Sněžkou and its surroundings offer a large number of marked cycling routes with varying degrees of difficulty. The initial height difference can easily be overcome by cable car - bike transport is offered by the cable car to Hnědý vrch, Portášky as well as to Černá Hora in Janské Lázně. From June to September, you can use the regular links of the Krkonoše bike bus - you can find up-to-date information on their operation at . For fans of extreme sports there is also a downhill track for mountain bikes in Pec. For leaving, you can repeatedly use the cable car to Hnědý vrch.


The town of Pec pod Sněžkou built a new observation tower on Hnědy vrch by the upper cable car station for visitors of eastern Krkonoše. Pata Tower is situated at an altitude of 1207.45 m above sea level, the main observation platform is located at a height of 27 meters above the surrounding terrain and offers its visitors unforgettable panoramic views. The observation tower is the highest building of this kind in the Krkonoše area. It is open from June-October according to the operation of the Hnědý vrch cable car. The entrance to the observation tower is free.

The transport of bicycles, strollers and dogs is free of charge. The cable car operator is SKI-Pec.


The Portáška cableway is in the center of Velká Úpa, in the heart of the SKI-Port ski area. The cableway is open all year round and in the summer you can use it for a comfortable ride from the parking lot directly to the ridge route leading to Růžová hora and Sněžka or over the hill to Dolní Malá Úpa.
The transport of bicycles, strollers and dogs is free of charge.




Mountain bobsled track

The bobsled track is 900m long, with a towing lift which takes you to the top. A two-seat special bobsled suitable for parents with children reaches speeds of up to 40 km / h, but thanks to the control you can determine the tempo of the ride yourself. In some places, you are even 8 meters above the ground.

Krkonoše slides

Three stainless steel slides, each with a length of about 55 meters, are designated not only for children but also for adults. Special sliding mats are used to ride on so there is no damage to the clothing. 


Overcome gravity! Each trampoline can accommodate up to eight children and adults up to 70 kg. 

Ride on a Zipline

Experience real adrenaline entertainment. Two sections of the 220-meter and 120-meter Bukové Údolí crossing are at a height of 15 meters. You will find the starting point and finish directly in the center of Relaxpark. 

Rope Center - Monkey Park

The park consists of 22 consecutive rope obstacles including 4 bridges (crossings). Entrance to Monkey Park is permitted for children and adults from 140 cm and only after special training by the specialist park personnel. The offer includes a climbing wall, archery for children and adults, mountain bike rental and off-road scooters.



The historical Kovárna mine in Obří Mine is operated by the Czech Speleological Society Group Albeřice, while the exclusive ticket seller is the Veselý Information Center Veselý výlet in Pec pod Sněžkou. Reservations confirmed by ticket purchase can be arranged in person or by phone at +420 499 736 130, or by e-mail in advance, by e-mail at .

The service is in operation in all weather. Expect an hour and a half for the trip from Veselý výlet in the center of Pec to the cabin at the entrance to the mine, where you need to be at least 15 minutes before going underground to get protective equipment and instruction.


Kovárna Mine is open in July and August. The easy route A with an hour program is open every Thursday to Sunday with entry to the underground at 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm. The ticket costs CZK 180. The more challenging route B will take you almost three hours and runs on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:15 am and 2:45 pm. The entrance fee is CZK 350. Each tour of Route A and B can be visited by ten visitors.


SPORTCENTRUM at Hotel Horizont

- pool with counterflow (in the summer months also outdoor access to the pool with the possibility of sunbathing)
- a sauna with a refreshing pool and a relaxing area
- whirlpool and solarium
- massages: classic, chocolate, honey and Thai
- fitness: fitness machines, rowing equipment, exercise bikes
- spinning: spinning lessons led by a professional lecturer
- bowling alley
- table tennis
- ricochet: 2 Fiberesin Courts
- squash: 1 court



Two organic farms can be found in Pec - Lesní bouda at the foot of Liščí hora and Děčínská bouda in Růžohorky.
You can visit the ecological exposition of the KRNAP administration in Obří Mine.



  • Safari Zoo Dvůr Kralove nad Labem about 40 km
  • Adršpašské and Teplické skály about 40 km
  • Trip to the famous Polish town of Karpacz via Pomezní Boudy about 40 km
  • Visit of the Aquapark in Trutnov about 20 km


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Pobytové balíčky

Ať už hledáte  sport, odpočinek ve wellness nebo zábavu, máme připravené pobytové balíčky.  Z našich hotelových služeb si určitě vyberete ať už navštívíte naši hotelovou restauraci, využijete snídaňový bufet nebo navštívíte wellness centrum. Náš hotelový personál se postará o vaše pohodlí. 

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