Finnish sauna

Operating temperature: 85-95 ° c, up to 110 ° c

Operating humidity: 3 - 6%, maximum 10%

Recommended time of stay: 5 - 15 minutes, followed by rapid cooling and rest for 10 - 30 min. in the lounge room with a normal temperature

The number of recommended cycles: 2 to 3 cycles

The capacity of the sauna: 15 persons

The Finnish sauna is a hot air dry bath where the aim is alternating hot air temperature shocks in contrast to an ice water bath or shower. In order to increase the effects of the heat in the "sweat room", it is possible to carry out self-massage with a variety of massage cloths and brushes. Through an adequate number of alternating sweating and cooling cycling cycles, the necessary effects of the sauna can be individually achieved.

The effects of the saunas consist in the overall relaxation of the locomotive apparatus. Spending time in a sauna has a beneficial effect on blood pressure (hypotonia), chronic airway cataracts, arthrosis, degenerative joint disease, rheumatism, detoxification of the body, endorphin release - hormones of happiness, strengthening of immunity. The sauna is a great prevention against influenza and colds and an additional course of treatment for weight loss.

Caution should be exercised in the case of an intolerability for high temperatures. The sauna is not suitable for acute inflammatory, especially feverish illnesses, high blood pressure, a high degree of pregnancy, or for unhealed wounds. Alternatively, as directed by your doctor.

After sauna, it is necessary to supply the body with the lost fluid.


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