Hammam - steam bath

Operating temperature: 45 - 47 °C, up to 55 ° c

Operating humidity: 80 - 100%, maximum 100%

Recommended time of stay: 10 - 15 min. (or longer with table therapy)

The number of recommended cycles: 1

The capacity of the bath: 8 people

The steam bath or the hot-air wet bath. The body is not heated up so abruptly as in the sauna and the humidity reaches 100%. The effect of the steam bath increases, especially when steam is enriched with eucalyptus or other medicinal substances, thus providing an optimal environment for the effective treatment of respiratory problems and overall relaxation. It is necessary to realize that the perspiration phase occurs (with respect to 100% humidity in the cabin) only after leaving the cabin. The subsequent relaxation (in a bathrobe on a lounge chair or in the tepidarium) is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the steam bath therapy.

The centrally installed heated table with a drain serves for the application of "wet hot massages" (e.g. foam) or the application of special body wraps. You can also use the table for an individual massage according to your imagination.

The steam bath helps to open up the airways, contributes to the regeneration of overloaded muscles, reduces overall fatigue, affects the overall body blood flow and detoxification, has a beneficial effect on the joints and relieves rheumatic problems

Caution should be exercised during an intolerability for high temperatures. The sauna is not suitable for acute inflammatory, especially feverish illnesses, high blood pressure, a high degree of pregnancy, or for unhealed wounds. Alternatively, as directed by your doctor.


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