Outdoor cooling pool

Operating temperature: 8 - 15°C

 Recommended length of stay: approx. 1 - 2 min.

Number of recommended cycles: always after a sauna cycle (can also be replaced with a shower)

Bath capacity: 2 persons

The cooling pool is designed to cool the body down in the sauna procedure. The method of use is individual for everyone (as well as the stay in the spa itself) and it is therefore necessary to use the swimming pool with discretion and, if necessary, consult with a specialist (sauna operator, doctor, etc.).

Warming the body in the sauna should be followed by a fast cooling phase under the shower (max. 5 minutes), in a pond, swimming pool or water bath at a temperature of 8 - 12°C (max. 2 minutes) or in winter in the snow or in the recess of ice. When we again feel the need for heat, the cooling phase needs to be stopped. The cold causes the vessels to withdraw, and the blood circulation returns to a steady state. Restoring the "cooled" blood circulation is accelerated by using a warm foot bath while sitting. The foot bath takes 3 - 5 minutes.

The pleasant feeling of warmth on the whole body comes very quickly.

The final cooling should prevent sweating after the sauna user gets dressed.

When entering, leaving and moving around the pool, it is necessary to hold the installed handle and be aware of the increased possibility of the DANGER OF SLIPPING! Before entering the swimming pool, it is necessary to rinse in the shower!


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