Come and enjoy the beautiful moments just for you two. 2 persons in the period 9.5 -31.8. 2017

This is special package price apply when reservation fee within to 31.5.2017 Package, summer vacation in the mountains 7 instead of 4 also in the summer is beautiful in the mountains

Discounts and benefits for accommodated guests Pec pod Sněžkou.


PECR Apartments Hotel is located in the very heart of the Pec pod Sněžkou ski centre-- a centre which has yet to exhaust all of its potential for its visitors. This peaceful village at the foot of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic is beginning to change. Of note is not only the newly-built gondola ski lift to Sněžka, but the transformation of the ski centre in Pec in particular. The modernisation of the centre, which includes an additional chair ski lift, new downhill courses, and the gradual interconnection with the centres in Janský Lázně and Velká Úpa, will make this one of the largest ski centres in the Czech Republic. Leisure-time infrastructure beyond the winter months is being gradually built as well. Hiking trails, bicycle routes, a ropes course, a bobsled roller-coaster, and a myriad of other attractions offer active leisure time in our tallest mountains for all of our visitors.

Sněžka, pohled směr Obří důl

Pec pod Sněžkou, Relaxpark

V úterý 6.6. 2017 z důvodu odstávky CEZu v čase od 8:00 do 14:30 bude omezen provoz hotelu. Wellness bude otevřeno od 16:00 hodin. Děkujeme za pochopení.