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Hotel PECR Well Pec pod Sněžkou 344 — map Reception +420 739 329 441 Wellness +420 739 484 261

Hotel PECR Deep Pec pod Sněžkou 356 — map Reception +420 732 424 470

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Burger House PECR

We prepare choice meat using the best fresh ingredients. We offer burgers and steaks with a range of freshly prepared salads, sauces and homemade chips.

Come and sit down and taste our homemade burgers, steaks and buns baked by us. We also offer vegetarian burgers, salads, homemade soups and children’s menus.


The greatest emphasis is on the meat selection for both burgers and steaks. We choose the best pieces from trusted butchers for you. 
A greengrocer brings fresh vegetables and salads to us daily. By preparing fresh ingredients, we achieve the best flavour of salads with choice meats, homemade mayonnaises and buns baked by us. 
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Free range

Selected meat that we use to prepare our burgers and steaks.

Beef US Ball Tip – This is mature meat which is ideal for steaks. It may be lightly covered with fat, which enhances the exceptional taste of the steak.
Beef US Hanger – Steak from young bull, beef steak from diaphragm prized for its aromatic taste. This is a select piece of meat. 
Chuck roll can be found in the area between the neck and the rib eye. It is optimally marbled and offers a wide range of kitchen processing.


Hotel PECR Well

Pec pod Sněžkou 356
— mapa


+420 739 983 121

Summer opening hours

Summer season from 15.6. to 31.10.
Monday– Sunday
7.30–10.00 and 15.00–22.00

Winter opening hours

Winter season from 20.12. to 15.3.
Monday– Sunday


Burger House Pecr can be closed out of season from 2.9 to 15.12.
At that time, use our permanently open hotel restaurant Pecr Deep, which is located 150 m from Pecr Well.

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